Business confidence

Business confidence positive again in 2021Q2 for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak

The first lockdown had a strongly negative impact on business confidence, which lasted until the second quarter of 2021. Business confidence has been positive since April this year (2.3%). This shows that businesses were momentarily uncertain about growth and about investments such as housing. This confidence did not take long to recover due to improved economic prospects and the reopening of society, and of course decisions cannot be postponed indefinitely. Leases end and due to the potentially changing role of offices, businesses are reconsidering their present locations.

During the coronavirus crisis, the Dutch economy performed relatively well compared to other countries. The number of companies also increased in the last year and business confidence has recently begun to recover. This is shown by other factors as well, such as the growth of the trade balance and employment. All of this has a positive impact on the user market, considering more businesses will once again be making decisions on matters such as housing.


User market

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