The Netherlands

More businesses and fewer bankruptcies

At 1,990,000, the total number of businesses in the Netherlands was 3.67% higher on 1 January 2021 compared to 1 January 2020 (1,851,100). This net increase of businesses during the pandemic is exclusively thanks to the growth of the total number of self-employed persons and small businesses with 2-10 employees. This is interesting because businesses of this size tend to be sensitive to the fluctuations of the national economy.

Add to this the fact that the number of bankruptcies of businesses with two or more employees was considerably lower than in the previous years. A logical explanation of the low number of bankruptcies is the coronavirus support provided by the Dutch government in the amount of €29 billion in 2020. However, from an international perspective, this support can be considered relatively limited. A side note is that, in 2021, support was considerably expanded through the reimbursement of standing charges at 85% and 100% respectively in Q1 and Q2.


Business confidence positive again in 2021Q2 for the first time since the COVID-19 outbreak

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