There is economic uncertainty once again, now that the fourth wave of Covid-19 is causing upheaval globally, and therefore in the Netherlands too.

As a result, many sectors are once again facing restrictive and often economically unfavourable measures, such as earlier compulsory closing times for hospitality businesses or compulsory lower staffing levels in offices. However, macroeconomic figures have shown that the Dutch economy appears to be remarkably resilient so far.

In Q3 of 2021, the economy even grew by 1.9% compared to Q2 in 2021, causing GDP to be higher than before Covid-19 for the first time since Covid-19 first broke out. This recovery means that the Netherlands is leading the way in Europe. There are various reasons for the Netherlands’ good position: a favourable economic basis, a favourable sector structure (for example, little tourism and plenty of business and financial services), a high level of online shopping and working from home prior to the pandemic, and healthy government finances, which are making generous support packages possible. This combination is having a positive effect on the Dutch property market.

So is the Dutch property market able to cope with a new lockdown, or is there still reason for concern?


Not resilient but unaffected: industry and the housing market

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