Growth of student population in the Netherlands.

In the last few years, a growth in the student population in the Netherlands has been visible, which was mainly due to the rising number of university students (at over 30%). An important factor that has contributed to this growth is the number of foreign students enrolled at Dutch institutes of higher education. The share of international students has grown from 6.4% in 2006-2007 to 12.2% in 2019-2020.

International students make up an increasingly larger share of the student population in the Netherlands.

This group of international students will continue to be important to the student housing market in the years to come, because this group is expected to continue to grow as the number of Dutch students continues to decline.

Forecasts by Kences, the Dutch sector organization for student housing, indicate that this share will grow by almost another 40% in the next seven years. One important side note is that this prediction was made prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic have impacted the mobility of students, and a decline in the demand from international students can be observed. The analyses below provide insight into what this means in the long and the short term.


Travel restrictions are not affecting international student enrolment in the short term